Posted by Mac on Feb 5, 2007

Thanks, Charlie!

I thought it was me!

I built my first two winter projects with 5 to 1 ratio East System epoxy. It seemed to cure easily in a cool garage. Next I used West System, and now MAS (both 2 to 1) and find the cure takes a little longer. Not 2 to 3 times longer at about 65 degrees, but about 50% longer.

All three epoxy brands yield excellent results.

One thing about the 2 to 1's, they seem to allow longer working times, and don't kick off as hotly.

Also, 5 to 1 ratio epoxies don't forgive slight pump or mixing errors as easily as 2 to 1.

I guess there are rather significant differences - more to do with ratios than brands.


Mac of the Artic

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