Posted by LeeG on Feb 7, 2007

Last year I ordered 6oz s-glass advertised as 54". What was left out was the fact that the center 3/4" didn't have threads in the long direction. I've decided to keep it but it's definitely not 54" cloth as much as two 27" pieces joined. It's not advertised now.

Another time some 60" 3.25oz was rolled on a thin/fragile shipping tube and was so damaged in shipping it could be folded into a U shape. A few years back folks bought 5.25oz fine weave under the understanding it could be wetted out by hand but the consensus from builders is that it's not appropriate for hand-layups.

They are responsive,the epoxy is good but it helps if you've ordered before to know what you're getting.

The maple flour is neat, makes very smooth fillets.

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