Re: Wide Shearwater?

Posted by Andrew Sommer on Feb 7, 2007

I think we need to clarify for you LeRoy. The Merganser is the older brother of the Shearwater CLC line. I understand the Merganser and Sherwater's hulls are almost identical. The Big improvement made with the CLC version is the updated Deck. The Merganser 6 panel deck is difficult to align and get right. The Merganser line has a wide version and I would seriously consider it if you like the Shearwater's performance etc. I recently finished a Mereganser 16 and I'm 5'7" 160lbs size 7 shoes and it is TIGHT! I wish the Shearwater kit had been within my budget as I think the new Shearwater CLC Kit is the way to go.

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