16LT Hull shape

Posted by Dave P on Feb 7, 2007

I am working on the fairing of the 16LT I am working on and am wondering if the bow is a little to prominent. Maybe not the best word to use to describe the shape but I hope I am understood. It appears that at the point where the bow bottom panels and the side panels come together that the bow may be a little bit to steeply formed and have too much of a knife edge type shape. I built a 17 std. several years ago and love the boat but when I get into steep swells (3'-7') and the boat starts to surf it frequently will veer to the side. I haven't broached(yet) but I expend a lot of effort and lose some speed getting it straightened out. The 17 appears to be fair and handles great otherwise. With the 16LT I am wondering if the bow is steeper than it should be and if this handling characteristic will be present in this boat too. I appears that the rocker is normal. I am considering shaping the panels to reduce the fin like aspect of the shape but am concerned I will be causing some other problems. Does the existing shape sound normal? Does anyone have more knowledge or experiance with this? All feedback (especially from CLC) would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave