fillets & tape edges

Posted by ndeanmoseyjr on Feb 8, 2007

Finally got started doing my fillet work in the bow section of my MC13. All & all a bit tedious the first time but not an entirely a bad experience. Likewise, as any new venture, it was a good learning experience (as it should be) and I now know what to anticipate upon starting the stern and some things to do for even better results. The bow came out pretty well and I have two coats of epoxy on with time left to apply a third if necessary. When wetting out the tape and putting on the first layer, the outside tape edges stayed pretty prominent of the surface. After drying, I was able to scrape them down somewhat and the second coat of epoxy went a long way in reducing their visibility. I'm certain another scraping & coat of epoxy would pretty much eliminate visibility all together but would that just be excessive? I hate to add a third coat and add extra weight as well as wasting expensive glue if my results thusfar are within normal parameters. As I said, overall the bow section came out quite well, a couple of minor sags way up in the nose, but nothing one will ever see once the decking is completed. Thanks, Dean