Re: fillets & tape edges

Posted by Jim E on Feb 8, 2007

Yes, the prominent edge on tape is a nuisance if you're trying to do a neat job. Scraping the bumps off is the way to go. If you scrape enough, one fill coat should do it. You might need to use a small tool in the tight space. I sometimes use a single edged razor blade held scraper-style, at right angles to the surface. Hand-sanding with 60 or 100-grit on a small block also works well. If the fill coat is on the thick side, put the kayak on it's side during curing to make runs less likely. In areas like the bow, you're not so much going for visible perfection. You need a surface that you can slide your knuckes over without going 'ow', when you reaching into the compartment.

(When doing this stuff, I visualize getting ticketed by the 'Finish Police', who inspect the interior with flashlights and mirrors.)

In Response to: fillets & tape edges by ndeanmoseyjr on Feb 8, 2007