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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 9, 2007

I use a Sohlquist pfd, has lots of pockets for various items including VHF radio for assisted rescue on a big lake such as Lake Michigan, weather can change at unpredictable times causing a paddler to get into a dangerous situation unexpectedly - a good VHF radio is the ICOM M72, my fav choice; a dry top, I use Kokatat with wrist gaskets; a spare paddle, I use Grey Owl take apart; neoprene booties, important for the same safety reasons, you don't want your extremities to get so cold that you can use them in case of emergency; a knife just in case you need one, various choices are out there, emergency power bars in case you get into a situ where you have to stay out there longer than you expect; a water-proof hat to protect your head from the hot sun; polarized sun glasses to protect your very important eyes from reflected sunlight - you never appreciate this until you need them; a rescue rope with a carbiner tied to each end in case you need to be rescued or some one else needs to be rescued; is my list long enough so far? My main point is that you must prepare yourself for any and all possible contingencies. You do not want to be caught off guard while in a kayak. The difference is between life and death. That said, once properly prepared, it's a great way to enjoy a day/ week/ month. Hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden

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