Unusual Posting Tonight

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 9, 2007

Hee! Hee! Ok, start with a packet of East Indian Chapli kabob spice. Marinate a couple of pounds of chopped up stewing beef or steak or roast or whatever for half an hour with about two tablespoons of this spice mixture. Cook the beef in a wok and let 'er go until she's worked up a good semi-gravy. Oh yes, add a cup of pleasant red wine, I used Toscano Rosso, it'e a blended red wine. I also added pickled garlic for a little more heat - garlic lovers, you have not tasted anything so damned good. Once cooked, serve over that rice and frozen mixed vegetables that you cooked up with a little curry powder, Madras curry powder is fine. The rice can be washed in water to rid it of that stickiness that you can get after cooking. Cool the heat of the meal with yogurt on the side.

Robert K(nows how to cook Indian) Pruden