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Posted by Laszlo on Feb 10, 2007

Depends on whether they're Bhuddist, Hindu, Moslem, Christian, Jewish, etc. Or vegetarians for reasons other than religion.

The frozen veggies would be the non-starter in India, but Canadians probably don't have much choice in the matter this time of year. Even if they bought imported fresh veggies, they'd be frozen by the time they reached the car. (There's a reason Canadians keep trying to get rid of their cold air masses by sending them south to us.)

Finally, no need to wash the rice. If it's ending up sticky, it's either been cooked wrong (too long and/or too much water) or it's the wrong species. Try a Himalyan basmati instead of Uncle Ben's :-)

Glad to be living south of the Mason/Dixon line,


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