Re: Wide Shearwater?

Posted by LeRoy on Feb 10, 2007

Lee and Andrew, thanks for your help. I�m pretty well sold on the CLC product so I would rather wait until they develop what I want. It was during a trial of the Shearwater that a tall, reddish-haired guy who told me CLC would be releasing a wider Shearwater this year. After seeing his image scattered throughout this site I was hoping to get a yea, nay or maybe a release date without repeating what he may have told to me in confidence � sorry.

I�m 5�11� 190lbs size 10.5 shoes which is right in the range that CLC aims their 17, but like Jon T, I found the fit too tight . I�m currently involved in another build so I�m in no hurry.

Any chance of seeing a wider Shearwater 17 this year?

In Response to: Re: Wide Shearwater? by Andrew Sommer on Feb 7, 2007