Re: Shearwater hull panel

Posted by George K on Feb 11, 2007

They're glued with a cabosil (mustard consistency) mix. A lot does squeeze out but there's enough left to hold the joint 'till the panels are assembled and glassed. Think about how long the joint really is. That is, if you had a butt joint on a 6" panel the glueing surface would be 6". Therefore the need for a backing block. On a puzzle joint or finger joint that line meanders around a bit before crossing the panel so you end up with two, three, or four times the surface area being glued. The major benifit is the panels self align which definitely speeds up the build and makes it a bit easier for first time builders. I built the Sea Island Sport prototype almost without a tape measure and I believe CLC includes enough templates in the kits now that a tape measure may not even be needed. Puzzle joints, pre-drilled holes, what'll they come up with next?

George K

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