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Posted by Mac on Feb 11, 2007


Some thoughts from another cold clime:

I knew a lady in the Ottawa Valley who built Roy Folland kayaks for a living. She gave courses and also guided in the area.

Her boats were works of art (lots of staining and artwork). Most of her kayaks were the end products of classes - where she built alongside her students.She wound up with quite a few. which she sold in the $3500.00 Cdn range.

Now, when she started out, she was fortunate to have a large property she shared with her husband. They had a huge, heated workshop in which she could hold her classes. (Or build multiple kayaks).

After a few years, husband got transferred to a land-locked location and I lost track of her.

As far as I know, she was the only professional wooden kayak builder in Canada, and I never asked her if she actually made a living at it, or how much the classes and guiding were needed to supliment the sales.

As George has mentioned, it is a very small - and might I add - elite market.

In my experience, everyone who tries my kayaks wants one - and they'd happily pay the cost of the kit. But 100+ hours of labour? Oh.....

I certainly don't mean to discourage you, and really wish you all the very best!

Mac from Montreal

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