Re: repairs

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 12, 2007

It's no biggie. The bulk of your repairs will be sanding. If it was my boat, I'd sand off all the varnish since getting new varnish to match up with old dinged varnish is pretty much impossible. But if you don't care about the matching, you could stick to just sanding the damaged areas.

Anyway, the spot that's down to wood - sand off the varnish for 3 inches around the exposed wood. Sand into the epoxy, but not into the glass. Apply a fiberglass patch that's 2 inches larger in all dimensions than the bare wood. Since that bit was worn down in only 1 summer, you may want to apply a second patch that's 1 inch larger than the bare wood. Once they've cured, fair the patches in by feathering the edges with sandpaper and applying very light coats of epoxy. When it's all fair, apply varnish.

Sounds like a fun summer,


In Response to: repairs by Garagegirl on Feb 11, 2007