Re: Onlay question

Posted by George K on Feb 13, 2007


I use Elmer's white glue. You have to apply pressure for 4-5 minutes and I usually use 2" wide tape around the edges to keep them from curling or lifting. To be safe keep the tape on for 30 minutes or more. Also if you cover the top surface of the veneer with masking tape (which you should do before cutting as it will keep the veneer from breaking or splitting)and leave it on during the glueing operation it will help the veneer to lay flatter and virtually no rippling. Use a thin coat of glue and wipe the excess up with a damp cloth before taping the edges.

There's a learning curve with veneer but it's worth it!

George K

In Response to: Onlay question by Jim L on Feb 13, 2007