Hybrid Deck Build Time

Posted by John Beck on Feb 13, 2007

I will share the details of my construction time log sheet with any potential hybrid builders interested in how long it takes to build a striper deck. I'm not the fastest nor the slowest, but it took me 63 hours from Jan 8 to Feb 12 to fit it all together. Yesterday I removed the deck from the boat and began prepping the underside for glass/epoxy. BTW, the Proprep carbide scraper with radiused blade is the way to clean up the underside of the deck. To put my building speed into perspective, it took me 57 hours to build the hull including glass/expoxy and final weave fill coats, and fitting the temporary bulkheads.

I created a lot of extra work in fitting the strips since I built a "sprung" deck with nibbed plank ends fitted into the kingplank running down the centerline. Sprung means that each strip follows the curve of shear. The kingplank is the only fore-aft piece on the deck. The photos do all the explaining. The end of each nib is 1/2 the width of the strip and it tapers out to the point where the next full width strip strikes the kingplank. This is a traditional method of laying a sailboat deck. The nibs are created to avoid the very pointy ends that would be impossible to screw down on a full sized boat deck.

Anyone else have estimates on deck construction time?

Thanks for listening.