Re: Hybrid Deck Build Tim

Posted by Mac on Feb 13, 2007


Nice job, and very pretty.

I think you did well re time - but that's the beauty of building these things ourselves, we really shouldn't care.

I've written before about the similarity between "Fear of Starting" vs "Fear of Finishing".

If you find you hate building so much that you can't wait for it to be over then lesson learned, this will be your last build.

Me? I'm 3/4 through #4 and dreaming of #5. As I limit myself to one build a year, I find completely anal things to do to "Make It Last".

How about toothpicks in all the stitch holes?

Look at George Krewson's onlays - bet they take a "few" hours?

The decks are beautiful - especially strippers.

Congrats for taking the time to do a great job.

Wait'll you start getting the compliments at the shore!


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