Posted by Jim L on Feb 14, 2007

George, The Elmers approach worked pretty well. After removing the 2" masking tape (after ~ 1 hour) there were a couple of places where the veneer was lifted slightly. I pushed some Elmers under the veneer with a brush and held it down with finger pressure for 5 minutes or so and it held.

I also did a test using unthickened epoxy (the approach recommended by CLC for their onlays) and this method also worked well. If any part of the onlay was not flat to the deck, however, there would be no fix. (This could be a real issue with some of the veneer I got from B&B, such as the Bubinga. It has lots of ripples; some as much as 1/8" or so.) Also, the clean up for the squeezed out epoxy would be harder. I think I'll stick with the Elmers for my current project.

So, I'm on my learning curve with a long way to go. It's exciting, however, and there is so much opportunity to personalize the boat. The beautiful work shown on your post clearly shows that you have mastered the art. If my first attempt comes out OK I will try to post a picture. Thanks for your help.

Jim L

In Response to: Re: Onlay question by George K on Feb 13, 2007