Re: Ches 17.

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 14, 2007

No luan. Luan is evil. In fact, there should be one of those Calvin decals with the target being luan.

There used to be good luan out there, but in this Walmart age when price is more important than quality, it's all become trash. It's now only water resistant instead of waterproof, it only has 3 plies instead of 5, the faces are thinner than the core and the core is just crumbly filler with voids. The result is that if you bend it the way a Chessie needs its panels bent, it'll probably break. If not during construction, then during use.

Luan also splinters like crazy when you cut it, even with a fine tooth saw. It's really not acceptable for boat building anymore. It's barely acceptable for flooring underlayment.


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