Comments 17 Vs 17LT

Posted by Brett Rueff on Feb 15, 2007

Hi All. We 12 months after finishing the CLC double im considering a single. My girlfriend and I are weighing up the 17 Vs the 17LT. We figured on 17 for basic versatility - an all rounder if you will.

We have the double for longer trips so im thinking the 17 ot 17LT for local day trips, with the ability to go 2-3 day trips if needed. We are based in the Vancouver area, so the boat would see lots of ocean trips and I admit the 17LT with the lower sides sure looks like a low rider in the water, im wondering if it is more of a lake boat? We were leaning 17LT because the girl is shortish, but we are both light - around 170 Lbs, but for only 3 Lbs extra weight im now thinking the straight 17.

Any comments from people that have paddled both - even better anyone in the Vancouver/Seattle area with a 17 or 17LT they are willing to let me have a test paddle on? I could bring the double and make a day of it.

Sure got the shock of my life when I booted the CLC site after being overseas for 6 weeks to see me and my double on the home page!!!!! Makes all the hours in the shop seem worthwhile.

Thanks Brett