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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 15, 2007

Well, I can't believe my eyes...some one else who bangs up their boat badly while having fun with it. I think I am in love. Hee! Hee! I will respond to your keel issue. I paddle as year round as I can until the North Saskatchewan River freezes up solid. I habitually ram the kayak up and over ice pans, logs and whatever detritus gets in my way. I had the keel issue for two years. After the first year, I sanded the keels flat right into the wood until the flat surface was roughly 1/4" wide, then I added ash rub strips. The bow rub strip lasted one season. I then bought a 4' brass stem band, it is about 1/4" wide and a half round shape, flat on the bottom, removed the ash rub strip from the bow (what was left of it) , and screwed and glued the brass band onto the first 4' of the bow. Sure it added a wee bit of weight but I have absolutely no keep repairs now. The brass band has been there for three years now and it only looks better as it gets scratched more. I can fill you in on the details of how I installed it if you would like to know. Seems to me that the brass stem band is the way to go for you.

Robert N(o keel issues) Pruden

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