On The Other Hand

Posted by Woodie on Feb 16, 2007

I was experimenting with designing my own boat and was looking for something "cheap" to build it out of just to "try" my new design. I used several sheets of door skin. It is a lauan. I'm not sure how this compares to under layment. It may be thinner and the sheets are smaller. Yes, the face surfaces are thinner than the middle and it does splinter some when cut. I couldn't get my plan to cut the scarfs very well, so I did them with a sander. I glassed the inside of the cockpit for more strength. I also made sure everything was well sealed with epoxy and varnish. I had no problems with voids.

We have a very light boat that we are both very happy with. I would not hesitate to build another one using door skins. The boat is now about 2 years old and we have no problems with the wood.

In Response to: Ches 17. by Trevor on Feb 14, 2007