Re: Hybrid Deck Forms

Posted by John Beck on Feb 16, 2007

Randy, The Deck_Forms pic shows the hull with the deck forms attached. The forms are particle board and came with the kit so the shape is already pre-determined. The upper corners have a notch for the sheer clamp. They are temporarily attached with hot glue along the sides of the boat.

Without plans I suspect it will be a challenge to get the shape of each form. If the deck is still on your boat, then you can mark the stations every 12" and get the curvature at each station.

The longitudinal piece is notched into the forms and is used to fasten the cockpit appron. If you look at some SW pics you'll see the plywood apron. The apron is attached to the ends of the longitudinal and at the outboard edges of the forms supporting the apron.

I hope this is helpful info. I'm here for more questions. Good luck.


In Response to: Re: Hybrid Deck Build Tim by Randy Powell on Feb 14, 2007