Posted by Camper on Feb 16, 2007

Whoever recently posted recipe for eggrolls, please repost it?

I went to make the BW a romantic meal tonight because I forgot Valentines Day. I went with the eggrolls because I had seen it on this forum earlier in the day. But, couldn't remember the whole recipe.

Anyway, it was a disaster. They tasted like dog hairs. Also, it didn't have a nice texture, was kind of like coffee grounds, plus something stringy, like dog hairs.

It is no problem, I made it up to her and we are good. I told her once the Sharpie is done, I will build her a real boat, without any masts, like an LT or a TL. (I am a size 11 shoe, and was 170 lbs in high school but have since switched that to metric, and we are both dyslexic, so would the TL be better, or the LT 71?)

Anyway, looking forward to a better meal next time, but the floor is finally clean for the first time in years, so thanks.