Re: Comments 17 Vs 17LT

Posted by Tim Clark on Feb 17, 2007

Go with the 17LT.

I'd always wanted to build the 17, went to CLC in November. When talking to them, they suggested that the 17 would be too big for me (5'11", 178 lbs) unless I was into longer touring. A friend who has built many of them lamented to me yeas ago that he wished CLC would make a 17 which was lower volume (pre-LT).

Here ae the stats: Chesapeake 17 LT Length: 16' 10.75" x 23.5" Weight: 45 lbs Knee Height: 12.25" Paddler Weight: 160 - 220 lbs Shoe Size(Max): 13 Max Payload: 300 lbs

Chesapeake 17 Length: 17' x 24" Weight: 45 lbs Knee Height: 12.5 Paddle Weight 180 - 250 lbs Shoe Size(Max): 14 Max Payload: 325 lbs

I went with the LT. Just started this past week. Stitching begins Monday.

Best of Luck!

Tim Clark

In Response to: Comments 17 Vs 17LT by Brett Rueff on Feb 15, 2007