Re: Plans built cockpit

Posted by Woodie on Feb 17, 2007

Even with a kit, the cockpit does not come cut in exactly the correct place and size. Some of the wood has been removed in what will be about the center of the cockpit. Exact placement of the cockpit coaming depends on exactly where you place the deck pieces.

You don't want to cut the cockpit opening to size before the deck is on. Cut away a little of what will be the center of the cockpit opening to give you access. What I do (both from plans and kits) is to put (nail) the deck on. Put the butt plates in. Enlarge the cockpit opening enough to be able to put the clamps in place to hold the cockpit coamimg in place. Put the coaming on, clamp in place until hard. Remove clamps and then cut the opening to size.

Hope this helps.

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