Re: Experimental Joint

Posted by Camper on Feb 17, 2007

Great work, Jim! Very interesting results.

As you say, for this to work structurally, it seems important to eliminate the joint line along the joint centerline, either by your suggestion of simply making the diamonds touch, or by canting the lines between the diamonds, so they aren't parallel to the centerline. The puzzle joint doesn't suffer from this concern. Dovetails have lines parallel to the joint too, now that I think of it.

Point of failure: I didn't think the epoxy would fail, so I must be missing something (the epoxy was young, stress riser due to the stiffness of the epoxy, etc.)

To make it work visually (the diamonds can't be ignored) would take designer with a good eye. Kayak is native American vessel, so diamonds--a geometric design--could work well.

In Response to: Experimental Joint by Jim E on Feb 17, 2007