Re: Mill Creek 16 seams

Posted by Jim E on Feb 18, 2007

Epoxy is pretty strong glue, and it only takes a little to hold a hull together temporarily.

Tacking on the inside is neater, since the fillets will cover up the tacks later. If you have rounded off the ply edges (there's a CLC shop tip about that) you'll have a little notch to push goop into, even at the ends. Use a softish filleting mix as Randy says, and make mini-fillets with your finger. Let it cure for a couple of days before pulling the wires out, epecially if your shop is unheated. A substitute for a syringe is a poly bag with a 1/8" hole cut in the corner. Not as precise, but it can hold more goop than a syringe can.

Rounded Edges

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