coaming conundrum

Posted by Antal on Feb 19, 2007

So I've just glued the aft deck on my Cheaspeake 17 and I'm getting set to do the fore deck. I did a dry run and noticed how much narrower the opening is at the cockpit compared to the aft side, but then I read that this is normal and the excess on the gets cut out of the opening later. Still, there's only about 1/4 inch overhang to trim off on the outside where the fore deck joins the aft.

I thought this might portend problems later on so with the fore deck held in place with straps I checked to see how the coaming would fit. On the sides I can understand how the inside opening of the deck gets cut away to match the coaming, so the narrowness of the opening on the fore deck shouldn't present a problem; however, in the fore to aft measurement, there doesn't seem to be enough space between the deck beam and the aft bulkhead. It looks as though the inside edge of the coaming will be flush if not slightly larger than the space between the bulkhead and deck beam. So it looks to me as though either I installed the deck beam too far back or the bulkhead too far forward (or a bit of both). I would think that ideally there should be some overhang (say 1/2 to 1 inch) of the deck/coaming at the deckbeam and aft bulkhead, no? Should I be worried about this?