Re: coaming conundrum

Posted by OOPS on Feb 19, 2007

You'll have trouble clamping the coaming parts at the aft edge, based on the info you've given. More importantly, your weight might not be where it should be (assuming no load in your hatches) if the cockpit isn't close to the plan's spec. Double check where the deckbeam and aft bulkhead are. If the rear bulkhead is where it's supposed to be, put the front of the coaming over the deckbeam. Trim the deckbeam later (add reinforcement if you plan on lots of rescues or want to stand on the deck). If the deckbeam is right on, you should seriously consider moving the aft bulkhead back. Either way, don't burn anything, take the time to fix it. No one will ever know once you're out paddling.

In Response to: coaming conundrum by Antal on Feb 19, 2007