Re: Rolling, rolling, rol

Posted by Jim E on Feb 21, 2007

Low temperatures are sneaky. The goop is more viscous so it tends to go on thicker, but there's a lot more time for it to creep downhill.

A rotissery will prevent sags and runs, but there's still a limit on how thick you can apply the coat. When you coat a horizontal surface thickly, gravity will make it self-level, and become more even before it cures. I'm guessing that on a rotissery the goop will mostly stay where you put it. To get rid of brush/roller marks, a slow rate of rotation would seem to be the thing, maybe 1 revolution every half hour or slower. If you could arrange for the machine to be variable-speed, and do some test panels, that would be interesting.

Another application might be for filleting. A sightly soft mix makes for smoother fillets, but is prone to sagging. The machine would need to run faster for this, since a medium hardener is usually used. The challenge would be to get them done quickly and get it turning before the sagging starts!

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