Re: FIberglassing Option

Posted by Tim Clark on Feb 21, 2007

First, thank you all for your counsel on fiberglassing the deck and cockpit. While my manula clearly suggest fiberglassin ghe This week I am building my 17LT under the watchful eye of a guy who normally runs night classes on kayak building. Started Monday morning with scarfs done and sheer clamps installed (did that last week) and we expect to have the unfinished boat completed this week.

But in taking the "fast track" I am now seeing some shortcuts taken. So, the revised questions:

1. Is it possible to fiberglass the deck after the cockpit coming is installed?

2. Can the cockpit be lined with fiberglass after the deck is on (I know it won't be easy?

Thanks, as always, for your wisdom.

Tim Clark

In Response to: Re: FIberglassing Option? by Chris J. on Feb 21, 2007