Posted by J. Schott on Feb 24, 2007

Laquer thinner will eat paint for lunch but is completely safe for epoxy. The only thing closer to paint stripper is MEK. If you wipe it on uncured brightsides you will have all the texture you need and can skip the Rhino Liner. It will wrinkle before your eyes. As far as Rhino Liner goes, I think you might want to rethink your plan with that stuff. It is going to add a ton of weight and it'll feel like you are trying to paddle with a sea anchor tied behind you. There are other ways of protecting the bottom of your boat that have been discussed at great length here. If you feel you need Rhino liner you should probably be paddling a tupperware 'yak.-Joey

In Response to: Re: Paint by Randy Powell on Feb 24, 2007