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Posted by Laszlo on Feb 25, 2007


You're absolutely right about haste making for more sanding. Especially if it's your first boat, haste makes for more everything - more sanding, more plywood, more epoxy, more fiberglass, more paint/varnish, more weight. The best substitute for experience is taking one's time.

The extra sanding can be minimized with the right tools. Get a good random orbital sander, connect it to a shop vac, wear ear protection (I like the foam plugs) and change discs frequently. All this is discussed in the CLC Shop Tips. I was able to sand a 16LT in 2 hours with this setup. How many times you have to repeat this depends on how bumpy your boat is.

The bonsai saw, shinto rasp and Japanese saw sold here are great alternatives to power tools. Their razor sharpness combined with BS 1008 okoume's mechanical properties make power cutting tools pretty much unnecessary. Most of the bad rap hand tools have comes from couch potatoes using dull blades on cheap DYI store pine. Tired muscles forcing dull tools through wet knotty pine is a great recipe for disaster. Good tools and good wood are a completely different world. The effort is minimal and good for toning up the paddling muscles.

I use the foam brushes sold by CLC and they hold up just fine in System 3 epoxy and Schooner varnish.

So now that you've got a boat, post us a few pictures.

Have fun with the last lap,


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