Re: Long distance racing

Posted by J. Schott on Feb 27, 2007

I'm going to vote for the WR18 myself. There might not be much difference in speed of a "performance" hull like the WR or pax compared to a CH 17. But,that little edge in speed, spread over a hundred miles becomes a major advantage when you factor in energy used over the course of the race. I paddled the WR, Artic Hawk and my CH 17 in the period of an hour. The WR, had a significant advantage when it came to the energy required to get it up to speed and keep it there. Although not my favorite boat, in straight line speed, it would be my first choice for something like your are planning. It will also be on par as far as comfort with the other designs and with careful planning while building, the weight can be shaved down to help on the portages.-Joey

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