Re: Long distance racing

Posted by Kyle T on Feb 28, 2007

I just finished a 30 hour adventure race weekend before last. So as someone that has done some long kayak races and many multi-day adventure races I will offer a little advice.

To begin with just finishing such a race will be a major accomplishment. With that in mind you should focus on finishing and if you make it you will see what it will take to be competitive next year.

Since you are not an experienced kayaker nor long distance racer I recommend sacrificing a little speed for more stability. Since you will have to paddle through the night while you are extreamly tired you will probably get to a state of 'sleep paddling' where your coordination is at an all time low. You can believe me when I say a stable kayak is a must during the last few hours of the night before the sun comes up. The Chesapeake line is pretty stable and still reasonably fast.

Good luck!


In Response to: Long distance racing by CLS on Feb 26, 2007