Re: jig for making scarfs

Posted by Camper on Feb 28, 2007

Al, in case you haven't seen the posts on this: If you have a block plane, you can also make scarfs quickly and accurately without a jig. The instructions are probably on the Shop Tips and if not, I have seen them posted here within the last week or two.

A power router and jig works too, and each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, plus tastes differ from builder to builder. The router can be a fun tool to use.

In case you are unfamiliar with the block plane method, and are considering an experiment with it, I will list its main advantages over the power router and jig method.

It is much quieter; block plane is much smaller and lighter to handle; eliminates the cleanup and health risk of airborne dust; much safer; saves the cost of the router, replacement bits, and the jig; eliminates environmental impact of unnecessary electric energy consumption; much quicker to set up; block plane takes much less space in the workshop than router and jig; job can be done anywhere without access to electrical outlet; much less likely to ruin the workpiece with a major cutting mistake.

With regard to taste, some people experience these additional benefits, but your mileage may vary:

First, many people who try using a very sharp block plane to do this task discover it to be extremely relaxing and pleasurable. The material removal process looks, sounds, smells and feels cool.

Second, many people find accomplishing this task by working with their own hands to be much more personally satisfying. It gives a sense of pride.

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