Re: Long distance racing

Posted by steve on Mar 2, 2007

I built 3 kayaks an Expedition single (Guillemot) cedar strip at 17 ft, a CLC 16 and a Pax 20. I am 6 ft and weigh 84kg. I have tested these boats over 2 years paddling out to an island in the middle of Lake Macquarie (Australia) a round trip of 8 miles. I found all 3 boats and other boats I paddled including a surf ski did it in about the same time. I get along about 8km per hour... say 4 knots. This means that I was not pushing any boat at hull speed for the whole time, so unless you are truly exeptional over 100 miles I dare say you will not either. I found that the Pax 20 has the greatest speed potential for sprints but is the hardest to push having the longest waterline and therefore the greatest drag. My choice for an endurance race would be the CLC16, with the lowest drag, and at lower speeds is the lightest to push. The Guillemot is the most comfortable and stable. Over 100 miles speed potential will not nearly be as important as comfort, stability and low drag.

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