Re: What a mess!

Posted by Matt R on Mar 7, 2007

Thanks again for all the advice, this forum is an awesome source of advice for a new builder. I checked the mess this morning and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it's not as nice as I would like it. I followed the manual on the resin and mixed a pint for my first batch. When I mixed the wood flour, it took almost a half gallon of flour to thicken it, but I was afraid to add any more, because this was less than a third of the kayak I'm working on. Is the recommended 1 gallon of flour enough to do a CH17? It looks like I'm going to run out at this rate. I'm thinking of calling CLC and asking if they can bring a gallon of flour with them to Canoecopia (if they have the room and haven't already left.)

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