My Chemical Romance

Posted by CLC on Apr 28, 2007

>>>>>>>>After reading the article I got the feeling that some may read that paragraph and come away with: "Oh, so mixing bleach and ammonia is OK - I've been worried about that myth my whole life" >>>>>>>>>>>

Well, I certainly know more about mustard gas than I knew yesterday! Ya never know what you'll learn on a boatbuilding forum.

Folks, please obey the labels on your household cleaning products and don't mix bleach and ammonia.

We snagged that (otherwise engaging and informative) article from MAS Epoxies, and it's probably been on the site for ten years now. We'll deal with it, but it can wait until Monday---I'm not going to wake up the webmaster this morning to delete the offending lines. He was out late last night. At a "My Chemical Romance" concert!

My Chemical Romance

In Response to: Dangerous Statement by Willy on Apr 27, 2007