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Posted by John Beck on Apr 30, 2007

Shawn, Probably the easiest and strongest is to use the same technique as CLC shows for mounting shock cord on the deck. I did that for my CH16 but the corners of the webbing around the trim washer got caught on PFD while re-entering the boat in open water. Rounding the corners may help.

Here's the plan for my new SW17 Hybrid, which isn't installed yet since I'm now varnishing the deck, but all the holes and soft padeye slots are completed. I've configured my decklines into 2 pieces. A forward piece and aft piece with none around the cockpit. I'm using 1/4" double braid. I've seen smaller line, but the larger line is easier on the hands when hanging on for dear life in rough water. The line terminates on each side of the cockpit with a loop of webbing screwed to the bow/stern end pours and soft padeyes in between. All holes/slots thru the deck are an 1/8" inboard of the sheer clamp to keep the deckline as far outboard as possible. At the terminating end I epoxied in an extra piece of fiberglass tape under the deck, drilled-filled-drilled the hole for deckline with knot underneath. I'll put an o-ring between the knot and the deck to better seal (with silicone) the hole. Set the tension of the line by adjusting the length of the loop at the bow/stern. I've seen a wooden bead on the deckline to hold the line off the deck a little bit to make it easier to slide a paddle blade underneath, easier to grab after a wet exit, with a boat hook, etc. Rather than wood beads, I made double turks-head knot out of 3/16" line for something softer, and won't need varnish.

See ya at OkoumeFest, John

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