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Posted by WestCoastPaddler on May 2, 2007

Adam, I'm assuming that the "other" forum that you are referring to getting "flamed" at is ours at

If so, I think that the record needs to be set straight here -- no one in that discussion flamed you regarding the installation of deck lines or stated that decklines were not a good idea -- in fact, everyone in that discussion agreed that deck lines are important. If you recall, there was some discussion about the dangerous padeyes that you used as an example in your discussion about decklines on your blog. Perhaps you misinterpreted those concerned comments as "flaming"?

If I've made an error and the discussion you are referring to is not in fact on our site, perhaps you could let everyone here here know where that discussion took place so we can make up our own minds about the comments that you find offensive.

Below is a link to Adam's discussion at

Discussion on decklines

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