Re: To foil weathercockin

Posted by Dave houser on May 17, 2007

This is one of my pet subjects. The following all will DECREASE the tendency for a kayak to weathercock.

Higher front deck, lower rear deck, shallower front keel, deeper rear keel, a skeg, moving the paddler back, adding rear ballast, adding light-weight cargo on top of the front deck, removing light-weight cargo from the top of the rear deck, and loading gear in the compartments with more weight in the back.

Start with moving your seat back. Second choice for most paddlers is to add a fixed skeg. Make it too large so the kayak leecocks then file it smaller until the kayak is wind neutral. The skeg will add tracking i.e. make your kayak harder to turn. I have been known to rebuild a coaming to move the cockpit back.

In Response to: To foil weathercocking by Camper on May 16, 2007