Re: To foil weathercockin

Posted by Camper on May 17, 2007

Would an airfoil mounted on the bow be a workable alternative to those you mention?

Your note increases my curiousity about the airfoil idea, because in theory, it would be superior to all of them in some regards.

Most of your alternatives alter the hydrostatic center of effort by altering the underwater hullform statically or dynamically, possibly adversely affecting performance. In contrast, the foil wouldn't have any effect on underwater form--designer, packer, and paddler would be free to optimize static or dynamic underwater hull shape to optimize performance (low drag, stability, tracking, and turning)

The rest of the alternatives you cite alter the aerodynamic center of effort, but at the price of increased aero drag, which increases paddling effort or reduces speed. The airfoil would do the opposite, generating positive thrust, thus decreasing paddling effort or increasing speed.

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