Re: Oar Leathers

Posted by Bob Santore on Jun 22, 2007

I did not use the CLC kit, just bought a piece of leather and some waxed twine. I had read that tacks can weaken the oar, and others have vehemently denied that this is a problem. In the end, I just decided I liked the look of stitched leathers better.

I did the soak/stretch method and it's pretty tight. No real issue with it slipping.

A leather button is helpful, but still not fat enough to keep the oar from sliding through the rings. I further added a turks head not on top of that, and that works ok. The reason this was important to me is so that I can quickly let go of the oars on occasion (like when I'm fishing) and not have the dang things slide out into the water.

I have not further secured the oar into the boat, but I will add (someday) a means of making the oar lock not come out of the socket. I did once bump an oar and had it fall out, requiring me to comically paddle canoe-style with the other oar until I could fetch it. Comedy and boats may be an unavoidable marriage, but even so it's good to at least have brand new things to laugh at.

Hope that helps!

- Bob

In Response to: Oar Leathers by Ron Paro on Jun 21, 2007