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Posted by CLC on Jun 24, 2007

The Passagemaker's upwind performance is pretty good, certainly the equal of anything its size and weight out there. Tacks through 90 degrees, about like a Laser, though not to keep with a 505 or something.

Unfortunately upwind ability isn't innate. The designer supplies a big, efficient, well-balanced rig and deep daggerboard and rudder. From there, windward ability is a matter of 40% rig set-up (jib halyard tension, outhaul and downhaul settings, etc, mast rake, etc.) and 60% crew skill. Steady helm work, not stalling the boat, trimming the sails correctly and at the right time. Crew work can be the difference between 90 degree tacks and 110 degree tacks.

My favorite PMD photo:

Passagemaker Dinghy

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