Re: cockpit coaming

Posted by LeeG on Jun 25, 2007

There really isn't any reason to glass the underside edge. With a rounded over coaming simply glass the top and wrap half way over, with fill coats you'll have glass where it matters on the exposed top edge.

If you are concerned about making the edges of coamings and hatches as ding resistant as possible (untethered hatches dropped to the ground) it requires applying twice as many fill coats on the edge because sanding removes it twice as fast. If you want to go to all the effort of wrapping glass over a 4mm edge seek out some fine weave 3.25oz glass (regular weave is around 22x24 threads/in. fine weave is around 48per inch)and cut 1" wide strips on the bias. The fine weave strips won't unravel as you handle them.

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