a 5-year gap

Posted by Don Rosebrock on Jun 25, 2007

I sent these two questions to the CLC staff but thought I'd also post them to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

I purchased by Cheseapeake 17 in July 2002 (yes, 2002--five years ago). I glued the hull panels together (just the panels, not the hull itself).

Then, I had to put it aside. Life intervened--getting married, selling my house and moving into a new one, remodeling the house from top to bottom, and working on two national Congressional campaigns.

I got the pieces of the boat out again Sunday, 6/24, and want to get started on it again.

Two questions:

1. I stored the pieces in a shed for the last five years. It was protected from sunlight but gets hot in the summer. It can hit well over 100 degrees here in the summer and the shed gets hotter.

Did the pieces get too brittle sitting in the shed, 'curing' for the last four summers, to work with them now?

2. How long does epoxy last? I stored the epoxy in the house, so it was climate-controlled, but the containers have the pumps screwed in, so were exposed to air. Is it still good? I'm planning to do a test with some scrap wood but would appreciate some guidance.