Re: Monster boat, Toy car

Posted by Karl on Jun 25, 2007

Thanks,I've only had the Portside J-cradles for a little while now, max traveling distance so far has been about 50 miles. Never exceeded 55 mph. I do think they would be stable enough for highway speeds. They don't seem to move much at all. I bought these ones because they seemed to have less flex than either the Hull-A-Ports or the Malones. I only have 24.5" between crossbars, so the stiffness was important to me. I can also take them off in about 2 minutes flat. They came with the straps and a set of bow/stern lines with hooks (non-ratcheting). I think if I was going to do highway speeds I'd add a second set of lines to triangulate the bow and stern, not to add pressure to them, but to help keep the boat from potentially shifting in crosswinds.

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