Re: Varnishing The Interi

Posted by John Beck on Jun 26, 2007

Tim, I haven't varnished or painted in the cockpit of any of my 3 clc kayaks since they don't see much sunlight. But if you do, then definately use gloss for UV. No need for varnising what's not ever to see the light of day. In hot weather and depending on the age/condition of your varnish you may need to add a little Pentrol (Interlux brushing liquid 333) to increasing working time. I know it is not recommended, but I recoat once within a few hours as soon as it sets up to avoid one sanding and cut the number of days in half. At least 4 coats.

good luck, John

In Response to: Varnishing The Interior by Tim Clark on Jun 25, 2007


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