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Posted by Jim E on Jun 27, 2007

The 'shop tips' section of this site is a pretty good mine of info, but of course there's nothing quite like pictures or video if you have not done it before. You may have noticed that many of the "My Building Project" photo albums on the web don't show the happy builder in the act of cutting, spreading, sanding etc. Usually the photographer and builder are the same person. There's not much on YouTube either. The best boatbuilding video I have seen is the "Zen of Wooden Kayak Building" (AKA "Sanding is Fun") for sale on this site. Yeah, it's a kayak John is building, but it involves the same copper wire, glass, epoxy and sandpaper you'll be using. It's a good investment. I notice they have some online clips of it up now.

Zen video

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